Computers & Printing

LCD Computer ScreenPatron PCs and Laptops

The Library provides 6 computer workstations for Patron and Visitor internet use.  All systems provide access to publishing and word document software.     Computers are available for 1 hour time slots, and may be booked in advance.  Please check with the front desk before sitting at a station, as that computer may be reserved.  Please be advised that there is no filtration software on these systems, and a parent/legal guardian must sign a permission form before children under the age of 13 will be permitted to use the computer.

As well, a Macbook and 6 Chromebooks  are available for adult Patrons and Visitors to use in-library.  The Chromebooks can also be borrowed for meetings and clubs hosted within the library building.

Privacy is ensured on our Public Access computers through the use of Deep Freeze Software.  Each machine resets to its original state upon reboot, and all passwords and documents are cleared.  Documents and images cannot be saved to these devices.  A personal USB stick is required to save items.

Free Wi-FiWi-Fi

To facilitate the goal of Equitable Internet Access, the Library offers free Wi-Fi.  Accessible from your personal laptop, tablet or other connected device, this service is available after hours to accommodate business and tourist needs.

Public Internet Access and Use PolicyUser Agreement

By accessing the Library’s Internet Service, either via Patron PCs or a personal device, you agree to act in accordance with the terms of the Library’s Terms of Acceptable Use.     Download here

PrinterPrinting, Photocopying, and Scanning

Printing and Photocopies are available at a cost of $0.25 per page for black & white and $0.50 for colour.  Double-sided printing is available.

Scanning is available for free at the Library, however, direct to email service is unavailable.  Items can be saved to a USB stick for transfer to a computer.  Printing from your personal laptop is done in the same fashion. A USB stick is available at the front desk for in-library use.

Boy at Computer StationChildren’s Computers

The Library has two computers specifically for children in the Juvenile area of the library.  Both contain a wealth of fun and educational games.

The Early Literacy Station computer that is for use by younger children has no access to the internet.

The computer for older children features Magic Desktop educational software and only has access to websites that are vetted by Library Staff and deemed as appropriate.

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