Friends of the Library

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The Friends were formed by local residents committed to ensuring the continued health and presence of the Madoc Public Library, at a time when there was a great danger of losing its funding due to government cut backs.

Our Mission

The Friends of the Madoc Public Library is a volunteer, non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote interest in and raise funds for the Madoc Public Library, but may as well, from time to time, support other local community organizations or significant community projects.

Shop at our store – The Bookworm – Monday to Saturday | 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Friends operate a great not-for-profit bookstore – the Bookworm – at 80 Durham Street where you’ll find good quality used books at very reasonable prices. Over the past nine years, the Bookworm has established itself as an important local business and a welcoming place where residents and visitors to Madoc drop in to meet…much like the Library itself!

The Bookworm’s success is due to dedication of its volunteers who run the store. We are also grateful to Hailstone Plumbing & Heating, which generously donates the retail space for the Bookworm.

Supporting our Community

As a not-for-profit organization, revenues generated by the Friends are used to support important community organizations and programs:

Madoc Public Library

We have helped the Library fund a wide variety of initiatives, including:

  • Books – including teen-focused graphic novels, children’s books, youth non-fiction books, audio and large-print books for all patrons
  • Access for patrons to electronic books and online resources
  • Computers and software
  • DVDs and equipment
  • New shelving
  • Library cards
  • Furniture for the Cultural Centre and children’s area

While the Library is our principal focus, the Friends are also pleased to provide donations to other key community organizations, including the Heart of Hastings Hospice and Foundations, which provides hot meals for youth in our community.

You Can be a Friend of the Library

Membership in the Friends of the Madoc Public Library is open to all members of our community, free of charge. Indeed, our current members live throughout Centre Hastings, Madoc and Tweed townships. You can show your support for the Library by simply becoming a member of the Friends and/or volunteering at the Bookworm or in the Library, donating gently-used books, or participating in our events and other initiatives.

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