We have started taking requests for Interlibrary Loans, and will be reinstating full services by the end of the week (September 27th). We ask that Patrons limit their requests to one at a time to allow new Staff to become accustomed to the procedure, and accurately assess costs.

Interlibrary Loan Service Returns in September

After careful review, Centre Hastings (Madoc) Public Library has decided to restore ILLO services in September 2019. This provides time for the library to establish new policies regarding the service, and also allows time for training.
We appreciate your patience as we work to adapt to the new system.

You can find more information on the impact of the changes to Interlibrary Loan Service here:
John Graham : My Silhouette
I was born in British Columbia, but have lived in Ontario for most of my life.  I attended a Natural Resources School from which I received a Forestry Recreation Diploma.  My current job provides the opportunity to be outside all day, sometimes in very isolated and rugged places. In my work travels, I have seen moose, elk, bear, deer, fisher, otter, mink and multiple species of birds.   
My art and photos come from varied sources – there are photos that are of still subjects or a scene that captured my attention, imagination, and the inspiration I felt being in those places at those moments are burned into me.  Some of my other canvases are coming from a different direction out of me.  I see those images with an entirely different set of eyes.  The way the light is captured in certain photos where I almost bend or shape it to what I needed it to be at that moment.   
I am a near middle-aged man (not that it matters), a father of two beautiful children who are the reason I feel so young inside.  I have a very special partner in this life, and she is my truest inspiration     I enjoy being in the outdoors even when I am not at work.  Canoeing, hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping is how some of my time is spent when possible.  I have a real love for the outdoors and all it contains and do what I can at this time – from picking up the tiniest plastic to raising children with an environmentally conscious mind.   

Local Roots. Global Access.